About International Games Database.org

Welcome to the International Games Database. Its an open project with the goal to support the idea that children playing games is a fundamental right for children. As the author of the site Peter Ringholm says: “Playing games is not a trivial way of using time, its the fundamental way we humans aquire the skills we need in adulthood.” Peter Ringholm is an educated pedagog from Denmark. During he’s work with children and adolecents it became clear that the importans of playing games slowly was neglected. He decided to start a project to collect and share all the unique games in the world.

The idea behind this project is that you should be able to quickly find a game that suits your needs and situation. This site should also be a place to discuss every aspects of playing games, whether its small children in a kindergarten or adults trying to shake a workgroup together. In the hyper-modern society body awareness gets neglected for the good of cognition and thus reducing the ablility to learn.