Phong Phang

Phong Phang meaning “dead or alive” is a tag game played with any number of players.

Product Description

The children draw lots to find out who is “the fish.” The one who ends up being “the fish” is blindfolded and made to turn around three times. The others hold hands and walk around him starting a question and answer rhyme: Catch me if you can -The fish swims by – The fish is blind – Catch me dead or alive – What will it be, a dead or a live fish? If “the fish” answers “a dead fish,” the other children can move around freely when it comes around to chase them but if it answers, a live fish, everyone must freeze, even when caught. The fish must guess who the person is and if he guesses right he will be replaced by that unlucky person.


This game is actually the Thai version of the universal children’s game – blind man’s buff.

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Gradeschooler 5-12 year, Preschool 3-5 year


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