Mr. Daruma Fell Down

Mr. Daruma Fell Down is well-known as a nice game for Japanese children.

Product Description

First, the person who is ‘it’ (the tagger) yells to other children, “Mr. Daruma fell down!” When the tagger yells, the other children run as far away as possible. Then he turns his back to them. Next he calls out again, “Mr. Daruma fell down!” After that, he turns around and looks for the other children because he has to catch them.

When a child moves and is caught, he has to go to jail. The other children have to get close to the tagger and hit his back; however, they cannot move when the tagger looks at them.

Therefore, they have to run as fast as possible while the tagger’s back is turned and he is yelling, “Mr. Daruma fell down!” Whenever a child hits the tagger’s back, other children can escape from the jail.

When the tagger catches all but one child, the game is almost over. In that part, the tagger is given many chances to catch the child because he can yell quickly.

When the tagger has tagged everyone, a new game starts. Then, a new tagger is selected by a finger-flashing game.

Additional Information


Preschool 3-5 year, Toddlers 1-3 year


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