Duck, Duck, Goose

A circle based tag game.

Product Description

The children sit in a circle.  One child is “it.”  He walks around the circle. He pats each child on the head.  He says, “Duck, duck, duck…” as he touches each child.  When he says, “Goose!” the child he touches gets up and chases him around the circle.

The child who gets to the empty place first sits down.  The other child is “it”.  Sometimes, the child he tagged catches the child who was “it”. Then he has to sit in the “stink pot!” (the center of the  circle).  He can’t get out until another child who is “it” gets caught and gets put into the stink pot.  Little children love this game!

Additional Information


Teens 12-18 year, Gradeschooler 5-12 year, Preschool 3-5 year, Toddlers 1-3 year


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